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Welcoming back our digital press


HP Digital Press settled into its new home

In October 2013, Hurricane Sandy forever altered the path of history for millions of people. 285 lost their lives, thousands upon thousands had their homes, possessions, and tokens representing irreplaceable memories destroyed. Billions of dollars were needed to rebuild infrastructure and replace personal property. Unfortunately, some victims are still displaced from their homes to this day.

When the Superstorm struck Long Island, K.Sidrane Inc. had been operating out of South Ocean Avenue in Freeport for over 50 years. A rare success story, the third generation of the family business was already hard at work continuing to build the company from that very spot. The history within the building was rich, yet in just a couple of hours, decades of dedication were washed away.

Over five feet of water crashed through the plant, which as you might imagine quickly spells out disaster for a company that operates on electric machinery creating labels and packaging. Much was destroyed, and the future of K.Sidrane was suddenly uncertain.

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. In our case, it took almost two years for every piece of the puzzle to fall back into place. Today, we are thrilled to be well settled into a beautiful new home a couple of miles away in Farmingdale, NY. Within the past few weeks, our digital press has returned back from Israel, marking the full circle of recovery from the storm’s damages.

Two years later and we are excited to say that the future is even brighter than before. If you missed our open house in October, don’t hesitate to reach out if you are ever in the area. We’d love to give you a tour of the beautiful facility where your labels are (or could be–wink!) made. Our door is always open.

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