Happy Thanksgiving from the K. Sidrane Team

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder that even in the worst of times there is always, always something to be grateful for.

In a year shrouded in so much uncertainty and chaos, it is nice to take a little time to step back and recall all that we do still have and what we are thankful for. Though health is chief among our personal gratitude list this year, 2020 has also taught us to truly treasure the little things more than ever.

We at K. Sidrane, are grateful for you, all of our customers who have stuck by us during this challenging year. Read on to hear what else some of our employees are grateful for in the crazy year of 2020:

“Although it has been a very difficult and stressful nine months, I have much gratitude for the K. Sidrane team as all our employees worked throughout this pandemic to make sure our customers had what they required to get their needed products to market. I am very grateful that the employees that did fall ill to this virus fully recovered. I am grateful to all our customers that stood by us and understood we were doing our best in unusual times. And on a lighter note, I am grateful for toilet paper and paper towels…who knew!” – Risa Sidrane, Vice President Human Resources

“All of the K. Sidrane team were back to production after been hit by COVID and we continue to work together as a smart and strong team – I am grateful for that! ” – Fredis Bonilla, Operations Manager

“2020 has definitely been an interesting year to say the least – although the virus has affected the world in many negative ways, personally I was able to look at one bright spot, my family. Being able to spend time with my son during these last couple months is something I certainly wouldn’t trade for anything and if not for the circumstances of the world, most likely would never have been able to happen. From taking him to the park, to watching movies, to having regular family dinners are all things we can all look back on and smile. I’m grateful that we were able to create our own safe bubble and spend all this time together!” – James Flora, Production Manager

“I’m grateful that I’m an essential worker.  I never considered myself one, thought it was only the healthcare workers and the police and the military – but our world cannot function without each and every one of us.  We all play a part.  I’m grateful that companies we print for have turned their production from just alcohol to hand sanitizer and I feel like I’m doing my part to help us all get through this together.  I’m grateful for my friends and family and my coworkers who all feel like friends and family to me.  I’m grateful that we can all count on and lean on each other.  We survived tornados, floods, superstorms and hurricanes and have come out stronger than ever each and every time. “ – Bill Mueller, Graphic Designer

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