Digital Label Printing

There’s no denying it—the future is digital. While print and technology are two words you may not have expected to see in the same sentence, at K. Sidrane, we’ve combined a passion for print with heavy investments in technology to keep our business focused forward. We have been visionaries on the scene since company founder Harold Sidrane invented one of the very first converting presses in 1948—and have remained right on the forefront of industry innovation ever since.

State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Technology

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why the core of our operation is our collection of HP digital presses. Our presses print four color process (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) which can be used to create most any color of the rainbow. In order to even better match some Pantone® colors, we have extended gamut color options (orange, green, violet), as well as premium white inks and spot color capability. We are also one of the only printers with the ability to digitally print metallic and fluorescent inks.

Without having to worry about line variations or using a set number of color plates, your opportunity to build unique, creative design is endless. Digital printing will not only improve the quality of your work, but save you time and money as well.

HP digital press - open

Variable Data Print Capabilities

Need to label lot numbers, or count the number produced on a specialty product? Variable data is the solution for you. Using digital technology, you can mark each label with a unique number, right off of the initial print run.

digital printing quality control

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

We also offer printed security ink features, like micro-text or invisible ink, to keep your products safe from the counterfeit market. If you are worried that your product may be vulnerable to counterfeiting, contact us to find the right tool for secure packaging.

Sold on digital yet? Print doesn’t have to be an antiquated process. The capabilities in the digital world are always changing and evolving, as are we as a company. To ensure consistency, quality, speed and cost effectiveness– contact K. Sidrane to join the digital revolution today.