Wine Labels

When browsing through a liquor store to find the right bottle of wine for a dinner party, how do you decide which one to choose? You might not like to admit it; however, you most likely picked the wine bottle with the most appealing label. Since over two-thirds of Americans do this, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Wine Labeling & Packaging

“…according to Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Category Shopping Fundamentals study, only 29% of consumers know which brand they intend to buy before they enter a store. The remaining 71% of consumers are making their decisions as they peruse the options on the shelf.” Nielsen

As a winemaker, it’s important to remain cognizant of this when deciding on how to label your product.

wine label samples

Pressure Sensitive Labels

With a plethora of design elements to choose from, pressure sensitive labels tend to be the go-to option for wine decoration.

At K. Sidrane, our pressure sensitive labels are available in an expanding variety of substrates and films; you won’t have an issue finding one that conveys the right message to your brand’s target market. And when you go with one of our specialty water resistant adhesives, you won’t need to worry about your wine label sliding off into the ice bucket.

Specialty Finishing

Sometimes getting the attention of a high-end consumer takes a high-end approach to labeling your products. Try a foil stamp or tactile finish to give your labels an additional level of depth, color contrast, or texture and enhance the overall look of the wine bottle.

K. Sidrane is the only commercial printer on the east coast with the DigiJet digital finishing module – ground breaking technology that allows us to take your special finishing requests to the next level of precision and detail. Contact us so one of our label experts can show you some of the unique details now available.

Shrink Sleeves

Our flexible shrink sleeves can conform to the size and shape of any wine bottle. Shrink sleeves are extremely durable and provide your wine bottles with a sleek look whether being applied to the entirety of your line or a special seasonal release.

If you’re looking for an innovative way for your wine bottle to stand out from the competition, we can print your design onto premium paper made from grape waste which has been sourced from wine production.

The K. Sidrane Difference

At K. Sidrane, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide customers with quality assurance and reliability. Each printing and labeling project we take on is completed to your satisfaction and delivered on the date promised. The fact that K. Sidrane has been in business since 1948 is a testament to the dedication and care exuded by our team members day in and day out. Have a bottling date coming up? Reach out to see how K. Sidrane can upgrade your label to make sure it is picked off the shelf by more consumers.