Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Interest in eco-friendly packaging solutions is consistently growing and will only continue to trend higher on both the retailers’ and consumers’ value list. Learn more about the various options K. Sidrane can offer you to keep your packaging a friend to the environment. Ask us about using these materials before your next run! recycling


We offer a range of pressure-sensitive materials for label-printing that are environmentally-friendly, enabling plastic containers to be recycled.


HDPE is the second most recycled plastic in the US today. We have label stock available in clear or white that is designed to be recycled WITH an HDPE container. This material is ideal on use with products in the food, beverage, health, beauty and household chemical spaces. The liner material is also made from recycled content.


Consumers can now recycle PET plastic materials without sacrificing label quality. We offer material in white, clear or metallic base that offers top print quality and strong container adhesion that is still able to be recycled with PET plastic containers. These stocks are made with a wash-off adhesive that enables the labels to wash off cleanly during the PET reclaim process. The liner on these is also made from recycled content. This material is ideal on use with products in the food, beverage, health, beauty and household chemical spaces.


It is important to consider the label’s lamination in this process as well in order to keep consistent with your clean label goals. We have an eco-friendly lamination that is plastic-free and composed of PEFC-certified wood pulp and 25% reprocessed cellulose. There is no need to sacrifice beautiful finish when choosing this option either — it is available in both gloss and matte.




Conserve space and trim waste with flexible packaging solutions for your product. Not only will your sleek flexible package pouch save your company significant warehouse space during the production cycle, this type of sleek package leaves a much more minimal footprint than comparable storage vessels (like a 5lb tub).



Shrink sleeves are always a great option to help make your product more recyclable because they are very easy to remove completely before tossing in the recycling bin. Many companies opt to include a perforated tear line and a message on the package itself advising the end consumer to rip off the sleeve before placing in the recycling bin.