The New Age of Luxury Embellishment

Short runs with specialty finishes have never been more accessible. Introducing the DigiJet – our new module that offers digital decoration like you’ve never seen before.

Our new DigiJet machine is one of the most cutting-edge, high-tech pieces of printing equipment on the market today. No plates required, it allows us to produce raised tactile, spot UV and cold foil effects all digitally.

This brand new piece of equipment is in limited release in the market, and K. Sidrane is one of the only US companies to have it in our facility. Our customers love having access to the DigiJet as it gives them a more cost-effective way to enhance their branding.

DigiJet labels for Fit Butters

“We’re incredibly excited about the new and enhanced offerings we’re able to provide to our clients and their brands by the addition of the DigiJet to our finishing portfolio,” says K. Sidrane President Zachary Sidrane. “From raised tactile surfaces to domed cold foiling, with minimal waste and set up we are helping brands distinguish themselves from their competitors on the shelf.”

This machine is especially useful for special releases like for an anniversary or holiday. Whereas in the past, a company may have been reluctant to invest in plates for a one-off type of project, the DigiJet makes these celebratory items the perfect opportunity to stand out with something eye-catching.

The same goes for highlighting different features of the same label or label family. The DigiJet can seamlessly enhance a different aspect of your label with tactile, spot UV or cold foil. When customers print multiple SKUs in the same line, the DigiJet allows each individual flavor name or specific product details to be highlighted in an attention-grabbing way.

In the past, this would be a cost-prohibitive option for many customers as it would require heavy set-up and plate fees. Now, with the DigiJet, there are no plates to worry about and the entire job is done digitally. Standing out from the competition has never been easier or more appealing.

Take our customer, Fit Butters, for example. Their line of premium nut butters consists of over a dozen SKUs (and frequently growing!) and each item has unique DigiJet tactile on it to highlight the specific flavor profile.

“We wanted to do something unique with our package design that hadn’t been done before in our shelf set of nut butters and popular peanut butters,” says Ryan Bucki, Fit Butters Co-Founder and CEO. “I have always been a fan of textured labels so we asked if K. Sidrane could do it.”

The DigiJet gives us the ability to offer samples at a quick turnaround time for customers to see and feel the special effect of digital embellishment. “The difference was night and day,” Bucki says. “Both our customers and our retailers love the new look and feel – keyword: feel – to our new labels. They not only ‘pop’ on a store shelf, but it gives the customer a unique experience that they can actually feel the finishes in our flavor cues. My only regret is we did not incorporate this sooner.”

DigiJet label roll
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