Feel the Difference: Specialty Laminations

Noticing a pretty package is one thing, but being enamored with the feel of a product is another altogether. To add an extra layer of luxury, we recommending trying a tactile texture on your product’s package.

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to ensure their product is the one that stands out in the ever-growing sea of consumer options. For a truly unique differentiator, specialty laminations are an excellent choice. The sensory experience of a specialty lamination can serve to either stimulate the senses of a potential buyer or jog the memory of a repeat customer.

Below are some of the options we can offer to elevate your packaging:

Sandy Matte

For a sensory feeling that won’t soon be forgotten, sandy matte lamination is a clear winner. With a gritty, sandpaper like texture, your product won’t feel like anything else on the shelf, making it truly unforgettable.

“When pairing sandy matte lamination with Purefinity’s branding style and label design we instantly knew it was the perfect combination,” says Justin Miale, Creative Director at Generation Nutra. “We wanted our customers to feel ‘quality, trust & professionalism’ when holding our products. To stand out in an industry that is extremely saturated we needed to provide our customers with a unique experience or wow factor and the combination of branding and print style really does that for us. We truly believe it helps us stand out and brings our branding to the next level which we feel is extremely important in this day and age. When a customer has a Purefinity® product in their hands we feel very confident they will choose us over the competition for many reasons, the quality and look being a main deciding factor.”



Linen lamination provides the perfect combination of a cozy appearance, but with a premium feel. This texture would work great on an assortment of products ranging from candles to beauty items and more.


Leather lamination can help your package achieve a variety of effects, dependent on the artwork design. Just a few of those include a weathered, aging look, a distinguished look or an edgy look. No matter the intended vibe, high-end is implied when you go with leather lamination. When paired with the right artwork this is one lamination that will really make consumers do a double-take.

Laser Beam

For a distinctive take on color and an added shine, try laser beam lamination. The light will hit from a different angle at each turn for an eye-catching appearance.

Soft Touch

The ultimate in luxury, soft touch or even ultra-soft touch laminations provide the consumer with that coveted silky smooth end feel. With the same sharp look as a matte lamination, the decadent feel of a soft-touch matte is sure to leave a lasting impression.

“The soft touch lamination really helped to elevate our brand in the CBD market,” says Michele Benzie-Haarstick, Creative Director of InVite Health.  “CBD is a hot market right now, so we needed to distinguish ourselves as a premium product. The soft touch lamination has received more response from our customers than any other packaging we have done.  It has a nice matte look to it, and people like how it feels.”

Soft touch matte lamination is not only a clear overlaminate, this option can also come as a gold, black or white printable laminate. Any of these color options offer the double benefit of high-impact look and feel.


Share this list with your marketing and design teams for inspiration on your next launch or redesign. For more information or samples of any of the above, reach out to Arielle, .

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